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Shim set, upper front suspension T54-17

Specialty made suspension shims for Iso, Bizzarrini, ATS, Maserati and Monteverdi upper front suspension arms. Some early Jaguar Saloons and Jensen Interceptors will fit these too but far superior to what's on the market for these.(1 Set of 8 needed per car)

The Prescollan (TM) or Vulkalan washers I used for these exotic cars seemed to have a short shelf life and and even shorter life on the car. So we developed a new version, similar in looks and quality but with much better physical properties. These are made of Carboxylated Nitrile Butadiene (XNBR) (Superior to Buna (TM); have the same appearance, same Shore hardness and when installed correctly will not fall out or disintegrate like the OEM ones.




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